Do I Have Heat Stroke? Signs, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

heat-stroke-exhaustion-summer-dehydrationWe all know that spending a day in the sun can be draining, but what is the tipping point when feeling drained can turn into a potentially fatal medical emergency; Heat Stroke? In the following article we will walk you through the Signs, Symptoms, Prevention Tactics, and Treatments for heat stroke.

Signs and Symptoms of Heat Stroke are many and varied, but the most telling signs include:


  1. Agitation
  2. Disorientation/Confusion
  3. Absence of Sweat
  4. Nausea/Vomiting
  5. Coma

If you find yourself, or someone around you experiencing these signs and symptoms call 911 at once, and go to the nearest Emergency Room.

Prevention Tactics:

Although Heat Stroke is a potentially fatal illness, there are many things that you can do to prevent it.

  • Hydration is key. When choosing a beverage avoid those that contain alcohol, caffeine or high amounts of sugar; water is always best.
  • Know your body’s responses. If you begin to feel ill, take immediate action and relocate yourself to a cool and shaded place. You may even need to lie down, drink more water, and place cold compresses on your wrists and neck.
  • Have we mentioned? Hydration is key. Drinking water when you’re thirsty may not be sufficient, so make sure you are drinking more water than you typically think you should. If you feel thirsty, you are actually dehydrated, so drink to the point where you are not thirsty at all.


Unfortunately, heat stroke often comes about from a precedent, lesser heat-related illnesses such as heat cramps, fainting, and heat exhaustion, yet it can arise even if you have no previous signs of heat injury. Because of this, the symptoms of heat stroke may pop up unexpectedly, and you or a loved one will need to action immediately. Call 911, and in the mean time, take the affected person into a cool and shaded area.


If, however, you believe you are experiencing dehydration or heat exhaustion, we at AFC Urgent Care Vernon are happy to treat you with no appointment necessary and can admininister a hydration IV if necessary. You can find us at 179 Talcottville Road Vernon, CT 06066  or reach us by phone at 860-986-7600 where we are open 7 days a week.