COVID-19 Antibody Testing at AFC Urgent Care Vernon, CT

AFC Urgent Care Vernon is now offering coronavirus antibody testing for asymptomatic COVID-19 patients seven days a week. The test is performed via a blood draw and is used to detect antibodies developed from past infection with coronavirus. Testing is performed in our walk-in urgent care center and results are typically available within 4-7 business days, depending on lab capacity or any unforeseen circumstances. When you come to our center for antibody testing, please wear a mask.

Who is eligible for coronavirus antibody testing?

Most public health organizations are using antibody tests to decide the full scope of COVID-19 infections between both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. Antibody tests can give a patient that is asymptomatic a more accurate COVID-19 diagnosis than standard testing. 

Patients who have been asymptomatic for at least 14 days can be tested for coronavirus antibodies. Getting tested at AFC Urgent Care Vernon will help patients determine if they have a limited immunity to COVID-19, if their body is fighting off infection though there are no symptoms, and if there is a greater-than-expected risk of COVID-19 cases within a community. 

When to get the Antibody test?

It is wise to conduct an IgG antibody test after 14 days of being symptom free because most people will develop an IgG response in that timeframe. If you believe you’ve had it in the past or have been exposed to someone who has it in the past 14 days you can get tested at AFC Urgent Care Vernon. 

*If there is evidence that a patient may have active disease, we will do a Nasopharyngeal swab for COVID-19 PCR testing.

What’s the difference between antibody testing and diagnostic testing?

Antibody testing is performed on asymptomatic patients via a blood draw and can only be used to detect past infection. Diagnostic testing detects the active COVID-19 virus and is performed via a nasal swab. The antibody serology test detects the presence of a specific antibody against Coronavirus. It is administered by drawing blood once you meet the criteria and blood is sent to a highly sophisticated lab to perform this test. Presence of IgG antibody indicates a previous COVID-19 exposure. 

Diagnostic testing for COVID-19 is performed via a nasal swab and can detect the active virus in symptomatic patients. It is conducted by obtaining a sample from a nasopharynx or oropharynx or nasal cavity with a swab in patients who have any symptoms related with COVID-19. The result lets us know whether or not you have COVID-19 disease. 

The process for testing for active symptoms or antibodies includes a detailed history of the patient and a medical evaluation by a healthcare provider. Some patients may need either COVID-19 PCR or Serology IgG, and others may require both. 

Are there different types of serology tests? Which does AFC Urgent Care Vernon perform?      

At AFC Urgent Care, we perform the specific and accurate ELISA based serology test.This is  more sophisticated and is performed in a complex laboratory, called ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay). This test is highly specific and accurate for COVID-19. It is performed by obtaining blood in a vial and sending to a high complexity laboratory to perform. AFC Urgent Care’s antibody test may be especially useful for people without symptoms, including healthcare workers and essential workers.

The second type of serology test is a Cartridge based Rapid COVID-19 IgM/IgG which is performed by obtaining a blood sample with a finger stick and it generates results within 15-20 minutes. However, the majority of currently available Rapid Cartridge based tests are not very specific and accurate to COVID-19. 

What do the results of my antibody test mean?

It is important to make sure you continue to follow current health and safety guidelines, including social distancing from others and wearing masks when you need to go into public areas. For the latest guidelines available in the state of Connecticut, please visit the state health department website.

Positive results indicate exposure to coronavirus and the development of antibodies. Research is still being conducted to determine whether or not that means you have an immunity to further infection with COVID-19. For the most up-to-date guidelines on how antibody testing is being used and interpreted, please visit the CDC website.

A negative result indicates that you have not been exposed to COVID-19, but it is possible that you were exposed in the recent past and have not developed an immune response as of the time of testing.

It is important to continue following local health and safety guidelines, including social distancing, wearing a mask or face covering in public and avoid crowds and gatherings. Please check the CDC website for regular updates on how antibody testing is being interpreted.

Why you should get the Serology test at AFC Urgent Care Vernon

AFC Urgent Care Vernon is here to help with FDA approved COVID-19 testing. Our Serology testing and Diagnostic testing is available to all essential workers, friends and families in the Danbury community. Knowing IgG status helps give individuals and their healthcare providers insight for a more informed decision about returning to work and activity in Connecticut. 

Although there isn’t a vaccine yet, getting tested at AFC Urgent Care Vernon is the first step in keeping Connecticut COVID-19 free and to help resume day to day activities in the future. Getting tested provides a timeline for safe returns to the workplace, schools, and public spaces.

AFC Urgent Care Vernon is located on 179 Talcottville Rd. Vernon, CT. There is no appointment required. Check with your insurance provider and bring in a valid form of ID, and one of our providers will provide you with the next steps. 

***Disclaimer: Certain insurers may require a copayment

Walk-in for COVID-19 testing today! We’re here 7 days a week with no appointment necessary on 179 Talcottville Rd.