Older couple wearing masks during the cover-19 pandemic and celebrating Christmas in 2020

4 Ways To Prepare For Christmas During COVID-19

Ready for another COVID-19 restricted holiday? This time, you should be planning for smaller gatherings and limiting your chance of exposure. New COVID-19 cases have been reported throughout Connecticut and there are over 45 locations that have high cases of the virus around the U.S.

Governor Lamont has kept us in Phase 2.1 since early November.  We still have reduced capacity for restaurants to 50% and indoor gatherings to be no more than 10 people. As some of us had hoped for a Chanukah, Christmas or New Years celebration, we strongly advise retooling plans again to make sure that everyone stays healthy and safe. AFC Urgent Care Vernon has 4 ways to prepare for Christmas during COVID-19

     1. Make a decision on how to celebrate Christmas, Chanukah and New Years

Everyone’s situation is different. Not everyone can travel or see their family at this time. The options we suggest right now for how to celebrate your holiday are:

  • Attend a SMALL gathering
  • Host a SMALL gathering
  • Have a virtual dinner 
  • Celebrate with your immediate family
  • Get yourselves a firepit ( if you can find one!) and get outside!

image of a fire pit that people can use during the winter for Christmas celebrations and social distancingRemember, gatherings in Connecticut are allowed no more than 10 people at maximum. So if you are hosting or attending one, please stay clear of a gathering that has more than that. Besides the guest limit, there isn’t much of a difference in the guidance from previous holidays. What still applies is social distancing and keeping 6 ft apart, wearing masks and washing and sanitizing your hands frequently. 

Virtual gift openings and dinners with your family at home are also an option.Family movies, games, great conversation, cooking together and watching Christmas movies without having to worry about if you are exposed to someone with COVID-19 or even the flu are all good options.

     2. Christmas traveling may not be an option

Traveling may not be an option, but if you do travel, be prepared to quarantine before you get tested for COVID-19 for at least 7 days. Connecticut has over 60 communities with high COVID-19 cases (link). If the town has a lot of cases, we suggest you avoid going. If you have family flying in, or you are going to them in another state, then you should check out our list of red zone states that may or may not alter your plans. The last thing you want to do is bring COVID-19 with you to your destination. This is especially for college kids who have returned home to Connecticut. There are multiple schools throughout the U.S with COVID-19 outbreaks. We highly suggest quarantining and avoiding college parties when you come home to Connecticut.

     3. Get a Flu Vaccine to help others protect against the flu

Not only is the flu shot about protecting you from the flu, but it’s also protection for others who are immunocompromised. Flu season already began weeks ago, and we already have to worry about COVID-19 cases. Get a flu shot before you go to any gathering with your family to avoid the “twindemic”  It can take up to two weeks to build immunity, but it will help protect seniors, pregnant women and high risk individuals.  

     4. Plan your COVID-19 tests before the Christmas rush

If your celebrations are local you can plan a rapid COVID-19 test before your feast at AFC Urgent Care in Vernon. We have a limited number of  Rapid COVID-19 testing by appointment only. Let us help you schedule a test so that you can be sure that you are not bringing the virus with you. They are filling up fast over the holidays so please plan now. 

If you prefer our standard COVID-19 test, we perform those too with no appointment needed. Results for our standard COVID-19 are usually available within 3-5 business days depending on lab capacity. And, don’t be a last minute tester!

AFC Vernon Wishes everyone a safe and healthy Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza and New Years

We can help you stay COVID-19 prepared this holiday season. AFC Urgent Care Vernon is open 7 days a week and we are located on 179 Talcottville Rd. 

We offer COVID-19 testing and flu vaccines to help our friends and families prepare for Christmas, New Years and future holidays. And, if you need us for sprains, X-rays, minor injuries, allergies, or any acute illnesses, we can help treat that too! You can count on your healthcare heroes at AFC Urgent Care Vernon to be here for all of your urgent care needs.