What To Do About a Chronic Cough?

As we (finally) start to near the end of cold and flu season, many people will develop lingering chest congestion, and a cough. Coughing is our body’s way of trying to clear its airways. Some common causes of coughing include allergies, asthma, acid re-flux, dry air, and smoking. Coughing is a natural occurrence and is rarely the sign of anything …

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Why the Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine This Year?

Throughout the years, as flu strains mutate and change,  there there have been many different flu vaccines available to combat the different strains of influenza. You may be wondering which of these vaccines is the right choice for you. It can be confusing, but here at AFC Urgent Care Vernon we’re going to help you …

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Cold or Flu?

October means sweater weather and the arrival of our beautiful Fall Foliage, but it’s also the start of flu season. while this may seem early, don’t wait to take steps to protect yourself this flu season.  Fear not, as the flu, if dealt with early on, is preventable! Sometimes, however it can be hard to …

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